5 reasons Wizkid needs to get rid of everyone managing his career right now

Pop stars all over the world sometimes run their careers like any moderately successful multinational company with a series of revenue streams, managers and hired assistants. These long line of official and unofficial employees are often referred to by artistes as “the team” and they play a key role in the execution of the artiste’s dreams and aspirations.

Wizkid has one of such high powered teams with veteran entertainment mogul, Sunday Are in charge of the machinery. However, due to recent developments, we call an intervention and list 5 great reasons why Wizkid should consider firing everyone camped under his management umbrella.


Ayo should never have happened.

Wizkid’s sophomore album Ayo was one of the most highly anticipated collectives of 2014. Though Wiz had snagged a couple of hits since the release of his 2011 Superstar debut, he still didn’t have  a cohesive collective to present them on. Hence, expectations for Ayo soared through the roof from the moment the project was announced. Sadly, out of desperation to ease himself out of a sour relationship with his former label, EME, Wizkid took his fans for granted and released an 18 track album with 9 pre-released singles. Even worse, nothing else on the disc is actually worth listening to, despite being crammed with star studded features. If Wizkid’s A&R (Artiste and Repertoire) team had any ears, they would have advised him against releasing such a bland collective that eased out of the media so fast, it still feels like it never happened.

Where the hell is his album?

Wizkid has been teasing what we hope is an apology album for Ayo since he released the LP and all loyal fans have been patiently waiting. At the height of the demand for the album, Wiz promised as placeholder, a visual EP planned for an October 2015 release date, even as he readied his third studio album. Fans also took this promise in good faith, but the first quarter of 2016 is over, Wizkid is still gallivanting across the world, seemingly out of control and neither EP nor album has been released. And all of that is totally independent of the fact that these days he only ever seems to be capable of singing about Nyansh or money over and over and over again. If his talent manager cannot hold him in one place to work on his album or diversify his content, he needs a new one.

Wizkid’s unending PR nightmares.

Between publicly engaging Dammy Krane in a club brawl and bombing Linda Ikeji’s Instagram page with childish comments that only hint at a celebrity lacking many years of experience with fame, Wizkid has severally found himself on headlines for all the wrong reasons. He further compounds his bad press by keeping mute about his own side of the story. Consequently, the media speculates and alters the truth only to make a worse case for him

That particular Linda Ikeji circus.

Of all the things the lack of a disciplined management has done for Wizkid, the worst has been attempting to pit his brand head-to-head with Linda Ikeji with the delusion of claiming victory at the end. Though the details are sketchy, Wizkid’s PR team reportedly contacted Linda Ikeji about publishing more positive news (or whatever the fuck Linda Ikeji writes) about him. Of course, as any reasonable person in Ikeji’s line of work would do, she declined the offer and to highlight their fuck up, she made their tactless attempt public. The big question is, what sort of inept PR team attempts to control the media without any actual power of enforcing that control? And even worse, with Linda Ikeji who is the biggest information source in the Nigerian blogosphere. Good PR does not control the media, it silently manipulates it. How Wizkid handed over the management of his image to a PR team that does not know this simple rule beats us completely.

The homeostasis of his Starboy label.

Wizkid’s intended exit from his root label EME led to the creation of his own independent label, Starboy in 2013. The label serves as a creative umbrella for singer L.A.X, producer Maleek Berry, production group Legundary Beatz and house music guy, DJ tunes. Despite the immense talents on his label, Wizkid has only proved capable of promoting his artistes with features that are nothing but an extension of his own celebrity. How anyone who cares about Wizkid’s empire has allowed this farce of a vanity label to continue for so long without making any major moves is unbelievable. If Wizkid cannot get his priorities in order, the people he hired to help him do that should be brought forward to answer for it.


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