Why we love to hate Davido


The renaissance of the Davido generation in Nigerian music birthed two major things; a vibrant new sound and wealthy post-teen celebrities who never fail to remind critics of their endless wealth.


Criticism is an inevitable baggage that comes with the celebrity life, but nobody wants it. Social media has made it even easier for fans and haters alike to air their insults to their most love-hated celebrities. To defend themselves from this social media menace, celebrities have become social media warriors. Their defence mostly consists of dishing insults, shades and account blocks to anyone who criticises them.

Davido falls into this category for many reasons.

He came into the Nigerian music scene as a boastful, self-proclaimed Omo Baba Olowo (scion of a wealthy man). The Dami Duro crooner was immediately seen by many as a spoilt rich who paid off everyone to have a successful pop-music career. Like this wasn’t enough, Davido seemed to lack the ability to distance himself from scandals.

A rumoured rivalry with Wizkid also hovered over his career like a dark cloud. All of this and a myriad of other factors left Davido wide open as a target for attacks from anybody on social media but Davido refused to have any of it.

The singer wasted no time in serving clap-backs to anyone who crossed him no matter how insignificant to his career they were. He armed himself with the words “You’re broke” amongst other price tag related insults and lashed out at every one, every time.


Within a short period, Davido and his spats had become a news goldmine for Linda Ikeji and colleagues. His image was not self-repairing and save for his music, nobody really liked this guy.

In recent times, however, Davido seems to have turned a more somber leaf. His social media holds evidence of a newly acquired chill button. He replies insults with prayers, sometimes inspirational quotes but mostly blessings and more blessings. Even his recent baby mama drama was handled apologetically even though it still held some hints of the same Davido that said he was richer than all of you.


The singer has also actualised his spread of blessings with orphanage visits. He interacts positively with fans and does a lot of awoof give-aways.

Without a doubt we have a new Davido on our hands, but nobody seems to notice… Or care.



This may be a simple case of the first impression factor, but would this mean there is no redemption for Davido? The OBO’s inability to distance himself from scandals is another problem. His most recent baby mama drama won’t be going away anytime soon. The disdain for privilege is another factor that could be hindering Davido’s re-birth because the internet never forgives nor forgets.

However, we do appreciate the new Davido. His sound is a tad bit more mature and he is currently taking a more international outlook with his music style. Love or hate him, he is set for greatness anyway. Besides he is a father now guys, give the man a break.


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