We went digging for whatever happened to L.O.S and this is what we found

If Nigerians remember anything about the early 2010s, it would be the beginning of the take over of the music scene by young energetic artistes intent on doing away with everything the industry stood for prior. The internet and social media were playing a bigger role in the unleashing of fresh crop talents and every single new artiste came packing a new sound.


This is how we had hiphop group Loud on Sound also known as L.O.S handed to us.

The group made up of Tomi Thomas, Briss B, Zamir (fromerly known as Yung) and Bridge surfaced on NotJustOk.com in 2011 with their debut single Magic featuring Shank. Between the poppy instrumental and R&B opening with a soft afrobeat grunge, L.O.S got the instant appeal they used to springboard their music careers into the mainstream.


Lucky for them, Storm 360 record executives were paying attention and in the following years, the group got signed to the label, subsequently snagging a couple of moderately successful hits. With their name on the list of line-up for performances all over the country, it began to look like the group was here for the long haul, until all of a sudden…poof…nothing.


Their old label Storm 360 dissolved in 2013 after a long feud between Obi Asika and Olisa Adibua, a former director led to a messy legal wahala. The silence of L.O.S like many others signed to the label at the time seemed to be part of the chain reaction of events resulting from the erosion from the top that washed everything else away. We dug a little deeper (well, not really) into whatever happened to L.O.S and its members and we found that they have all had underground individual careers ever since.


While the details of their current individual careers are sketchy at best, one thing is for sure, even as independent artistes, they are still as talented as they were as a group. Most recently Zamir, the group’s charismatic frontman released two singles Foreign and Statement, two additions to the numerous singles he has released on his SoundCloud over the last 3 years of keeping his career low profile.

Tomi Thomas is even more proactive with his music despite juggling his music alongside schooling in Dubai. In 2014, the singer dropped a 15 track EP Patience that gained some major buzz on the blogosphere. He has been releasing music on his SoundCloud and similarly working with some of the best producers in Nigeria at the moment, including LeriQ.

In February this year, the group’s third man Briss B released his Microphone Messiah EP a moody 10 track collective with features from former band mates Tomi Thomas and Bridge, Santi and buzz-worthy starlet, Tay Iwar.

We couldn’t track down any particular platform where the group’s last member, Bridge  hosted all of his music, but we did find a couple of songs scattered across popular music blogs.


Though we were quite pleased with what we found in our search, we wonder if they plan on coming back with all of their immense individual talents as a group.

The bigger question however, may be why they have not put more effort into promoting their music or pulled all stops to bag another record deal considering their immense talents and obvious availability of resources to do so.


Nonetheless, we are glad they have not only maintained a great career standard as individuals, but have also evolved a better, more mature sound from their peak days as a group .

These guys are gold and we hope someone who can mine is listening


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