The essentials: 5 hidden gems from Blackmagic you need to check out today


Blackmagic hits another year mark today and with the numerous afrobeat tempered hip hop hits he has given us over the years, we couldn’t find any better way to celebrate the rapper than to make a dedicated post about the equally brilliant, less renowned songs he has recorded over the course of his career.


Off his self-titled sophomore album, Blackmagic: Version 2.0, Shakara remains one of the most underrated gems from Blackmagic. Loosely based off a sample of Fela’s similarly titled 1972 song, Shakara sails very far from Fela’s original to be placed on an EDM instrumentation with a succinct house progression produced by T-Flava. If there are any comparisons between Blackmagic and Burna Boy, it is most evident on this song when the rapper hits the chorus notes. But as expected his rap verses are as hard hitting as any other.

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As the second track listed off Blackmagic debut Version 1.0 album, EveryGaddemCity is more than just an announcement of his arrival, it is the birth of a movement. Like the rest of the album, produced under Syndic8 records, EveryGaddemCity benefited from an undeniable chemistry which Blackmagic shared with the label’s in-house producer IKON.

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On Rifle, Blackmagic doesn’t want to wallow in the misery of what appears to be a relationship going through a rough patch. But until things are fixed between him and his girl, he would either take her love if she gives, or replace it with as many bottles of alcohol as possible. The best part about this song is producer Kid Konnect’s minimalist piano baseline for the beat. Admittedly Rifle doesn’t open like it has any connection with the title until Blackmagic launches his vocals into the opening chorus. After that its just smooth sailing brilliance all the way.

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Graffiti Love

Graffiti Love is a jazz infused retro reggae number with an uncredited female vocal on the chorus. Though we don’t agree with the classification, if there is any reason to refer to Blackmagic as an alternative artiste, his experimentation with this song, should be listed as one of the cool points.

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Another shining star in his epic chemistry with IKON, Alive is another stunner off his Version 1.0 album. There is so much going on with the instrumentation that it is almost impossible to keep up without pausing the song at intervals. There are ominous synths, fast paced drums, DJ skeets and alternating rhythmic patterns all happening at the same time and as Blackmagic delivers end to end braggadocious verses, he sticks with everything the beat throws at him. We don’t know how this song never made it to the radio earworm leagues, but we hope someone is listening anyway.

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