We suffered through Sean Tizzle’s horrendous Da Chat interview and noted these 6 takeaways

15 minutes is a really long time to watch a host and guest star battle out their fake accents but we had to endure it to hear the latest from Sean Tizzle.

The singer has been off the radar for a while and Da Chat host, Zinnia was quick to cash in on his absence from the industry amongst other events in his life through the interview.

For us, we found 6 things ranging from useful new information to absolute ridiculousness.


International collaboration with Tory Lanez

Speaking on his absence from the industry, Sean Tizzle said he has been trying to make up for lost time behind the scenes by trying to work on his sophomore album. Part of the plans for the album according to him, is a collaboration with Canadian rapper and singer Tory Lanez.

Squabble with Sound Sultan

Zinnia took Sean Tizzle back to the cumbersome story lane of his debut single Sho Lee. As we all know, the release of the single was a subject of controversy after Sound Sultan claimed songwriting credits to the single. At the time, Sean Tizzle was tentatively signed to the veteran’s Naija Ninja label as part of a record deal that failed to come to fruition. However, Sean Tizzle clarified the allegations saying Sound Sultan merely contributed to part of the song. According to him, part of the song had been recorded while a record deal with Sound Sultan was in the works, but the events that followed led him to take the song elsewhere to be concluded.


The contract with D’Tunes may come to an end soon

In April 2015, Sean Tizzle started to heavily push for his own independent front, Tizzle Nation while he was still directly signed to D’Tunes Difference Entertainment. Though very little made it to the press about the goinsg-on at the label, the indication that all was not well at the label was evident. But when Zinnia prodded him about this during the interview, Tizzle claimed all is well with D’Tunes. However his continuing stay with the label is dependent on his yet to be released album, pending the expiration of his 3-year contract. Where things will go from there is subject to time. But Sean Tizzle maintains he has been friends with D’Tunes long before the music business came and this situation will still remain no matter what.

“Twitter is my home”

When Zinnia asked about his myriad of headline-worthy social media shenanigans over the last year, Sean Tizzle casually joked them aside as a side-effect of the public always targeting him for his comments. Notably in 2015, a controversial tweet about female career choices came back with so much backlash, it forced Sean Tizzle to declare he would be leaving Twitter to focus on other things. While reminiscing about the set of events that led to the tweet, Sean Tizzle claimed Twitter as his home and said he was just being real by voicing his opinions. Though he didn’t say if he learnt anything from the events that sent him on a personal exile from the social media platform, he did mention he’d be returning to using his Twitter very soon.

The filters bleached me

After becoming the butt of memes and internet quotes about skin bleaching, Sean Tizzle was finally forced to come clean about the accusations. Though the question was poorly structured by Zinnia, a veritable response seemed to be stuck behind his throat as Sean Tizzle tried to avoid the question with unfunny musings about his current appearance. His eventual conclusion, however, was that photo and video filters were making him appear bleached even though he has done nothing to alter his appearance.


Album dropping in September

On the upcoming developments in his music career, Sean Tizzle gave a tentative September release month without any album name or specific date.


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