This is the only vagina anthem you should be listening to right now


According to self-proclaimed visionary Kanye West, the world is currently sailing on the information highway of viral content and we don’t doubt it one bit. Not with the latest internet craze for U.S based Nigerian rapper, Princess Vitarah’s dedicated tribute to the Nigerian pussy. And she’s not talking about cats. (Well, duh?)

Placed on a trap hip-hop beat, Vitarah delivers catchy rap verses and hooks celebrating the lower parts of the Nigerian female anatomy as superior to any other in terms of contraction, suppleness and ability to deliver sexual pleasure to any interested male party. Despite her controversial lyrics, she has received rousing applause from the Nigerian internet including rapper Olamide who praised her rhyming skills and rhythmic flow.


Even this remixed version of what we're hoping is 'Shoki' is the tightest

Even this remixed version of what we’re hoping is ‘Shoki’ is the tightest.

There is very little information on Vitarah herself, except her YouTube page which features covers of Rae Sremmurd’s No Type and O.T Genasis’ Coco.

Nigerian’s will always love their own no matter what, so it is not surprising that the accompanying viral video that surfaced on the internet earlier today has already amassed over 13,000 views without any prior promotion or PR for Vitarah herself.

We may not fully agree with the song, but we have to give it to her, for representing the motherland right? So, yay for the Nigerian vagina. Or maybe not.

Just watch the video below.


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