MTN Project Fame’s audition tapes are ridiculously scripted and we’re livid

So here’s the thing; we’re not naive, and we understand that ultimately, apart from being half-in-half,   part marketing strategy and part corporate social responsibility, Project Fame (MTN’s reality music show so dominated by Nigeria, they had to give Ghana its own similarly related show) is a way MTN to make some good money from Youtube views. As a ploy to draw eyes to the show and ensure that all-important marketing budget is making all returns it can, and because a Nigerian will almost never willingly go a place where they will be embarrassed, Project Fame like many other reality TV shows has taken to cutting corners.

It is common knowledge that talent reality tv shows routinely hire actors and use scripted skits to create those auditions we love to watch, the ones so bad, they break the internet in their own special way. They also do all the scouting for the good talent long before the auditions even begin, but that’s not what this article is about. We’re just tired of how bad the scripting on MTN Project Fame has gotten this season.

Exhibit : Mr. Mizkid Answers one Question

Mizkid answers one Question seemed like he’d escaped hospital where he was being treated from hallucinations caused by cerebral malaria. He ‘couldn’t’ form a cohesive sentence, couldn’t sing, couldn’t even muster enough zest to fool anyone. He was probably just counting the seconds till he could get his check.

We understand that epic fails might equal viral videos, but if Project Fame wants to keep its status as a reputable show, it needs to quit with the theatrics. This is a music talent show, the gags are fun in moderation but what we’re really here for is to hear the people sing.


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