This cover of Olamide’s ‘Bobo’ is totally the best thing since partyjollof


I have to be honest with you, after watching the recently concluded broadcast of The Voice Nigeria, the production and organisation of the current Project Fame season is starting to feel like a itchy bed sore that would eventually go away if you tossed and turned enough. I believe many Nigerians will share this sentiment, especially since The Voice Nigeria gave us all the razzle-dazzle, bright lights and character that Project Fame could not bring to reality-TV in its 9 years of airing.

But I caught a few minutes of last night’s episode and save for still horrid production, the performances of the evening damn-near changed my perspective about the entire show. The night was a special for covers of Nigerian music only. Every contestant took turns on stage to put in some of their best work, receiving roaring applauds and judge commendations in return.

The evening’s broadcast was going perfectly well, until Yusuf a stout singer with a sleek fade haircut and a Yellow traditional attire came on stage to perform Olamide’s 2015 hit Bobo. Agreed, Bobo is not the most likely song for a cover performance but Yusuf owned the stage and audience from his opening ‘Eyin Omo Wobe” call and response to the end of his time on stage.

The rest of his energetic performance is accentuated with a slit of Fuji and deft showmanship aided by back-up dancers and great stage usage. The result was an elated audience in a rowdy moshpit of Bobo and Shoki dance moves and satisfied judges beaming with smiles at the sheer brilliance of the act.

This video may not convince you to tune in to watch Project Fame next week, but it may just about make your day.


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