Video review: Kiss Daniel’s ‘Mama’ is what happens when a great idea is poorly executed


We deliberately shied away from the obvious incestuous Oedipus complex connotations of a love song titled Mama in our review of the audio of this song.

The reason, of course, is because Young John’s poor mixing of the whole song is a graver production sin and rhythmically Mama is not a half bad song. But like the audio, the adjoining video also fails to justify our appreciation of the song even though the intent seems to have come from a well-meaning place.


In a brief summary, Kiss Daniel is distraught after his love interest is left in a critical condition following a Nollywood-esque car accident caused by a phone call from him. The rest of the video are series of slow motion shots of Kiss Daniel singing at the side of his injured lover’s sick bed, longingly daydreaming about her and the vixen herself doing some moderately sexy poses. The shots are relatively well executed despite the shaky camera and fast-paced instrumentals that seem to be going in the opposite direction.


But the otherwise great narrative built with a depressed Kiss Daniel was wasted in a conclusion that amounted to nothing when his lover simply woke up at the end of the video with a knowing smile – almost like she meant for the accident to happen to bring them closer or something else more twisted.

With all the still shots of Kiss Daniel sadly staring into empty space, we expected a bigger thematic message to be passed or at least a relatable heartbreaking story about the dangers of talking on the phone while driving. What we get instead is just bland, lazy convenience that’s almost unnecessary. It could’ve as well been a cliche shake-your-nyansh type video, at least we would have gotten the thrill of seeing something interesting.

We would give Kiss Daniel’s director Aje Filmworks points for effort, but this is 2016 and the industry should be evolving past giving artistes pass marks for trying.

A good narrative for a music video had already been plotted, all Daniel and crew  had to do was execute it to tell a good story.

By the time they were done, there was no actual story, just a series of random events bonded into a flossy music video. Inadvertently Kiss Daniel’s Mama wants to be taken seriously but serves up nothing extra special to command that regard.


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