Alizee’s Green Light is a swirl of fascinating influences

Someone once said, ‘Imitation is the best form of flattery’ and the new video for Kaduna born singer Alizee, is practically an homage to all the great black female pop stars of the last decade. Even the title of her debut single ‘Green Light’ references a Beyonce song from her B’Day era.

Alizee (a contraction of Zainab Ali, the singer’s real name) is one of the few Northern women going full time into music. Her decision to go full on into the jollof music sound that allowed artistes like Lynxxx and KCee garner hits seems guided considering the singer’s limited vocal range. She most certainly makes the best of it, focusing instead of a strong hook and some serious producing. It’s not coincidence the song is produced and mixed by veteran producer Del’B, who normally behind the mixer, is convinced to step into the booth. He delivers a decent guest verse, strong enough to show he knows his onions but muted enough that he doesn’t overshadow Alizee.

The video itself is shot by Clarence Peters, and he creates a technicolor extravaganza. Sets from Beyonce’s Freakum Dress and Green Light videos and Kelly Rowland’s Work video are replicated for Alizee with minor colour palette tweaks. Peters also borrows wardrobe elements from these iconic videos (think Beyonce’s iconic technicolor palette and Solange’s wardrobe from the Sandcastle disco video), so there is no doubt as to what influences the singer has.

She dances with a troupe of back up dancers, garbed in hip-hop street wears and croons about clear signals from her love interest. The sound is in right now, and if she plays her cards right, Green Light will find its into many a DJ’s playlist deck.



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