Efose & Chioma are nostalgic about the 18 songs that defined the ’90s

maxresdefaultEfosa: The 90’s were a very weird time in the Nigerian music industry. The main source of this weirdness was the fact that it happened to be the birth and demise of a lot of styles and genres. So you got a lot of pioneering stuff, which would sound like trash today but launched successful careers. Stuff that eventually killed that style. Stuff that basically came and went like a yeast infection. Nevertheless, there were some timeless records and these are some of our favorites from back then.


Ayangba girls – Black Reverendz

Chioma: If ever there was a one-hit wonder, this was it. Yes they ripped Busta Rhymes “This is serious” but it was our own hip-hop and we loved it. Two Ajegunle  dancing galala on a beat from the America. Major.


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