10 Nigerian songs you didn’t know were about sex

Taking Over – Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade’s Taking Over is the perfect serial-cheater anthem. Yemi Alade sings about having a man at home, yet she says: “wetin this boy dey do, dey make me go insane”. She begins to obsessively think about this side-piece because according to her “wetin you dey rock/sweet pass tangerine” (this is clearly a reference to his  penis.By the time she begins to ask what the boy is doing (probably taking off her clothes), he has already taken over her (in other words, she’s having an orgasm.)

Beat of life (feat. Wizkid) – Sarz

Wizkid leaves us with a lot of questions on this EDM number. The StarBoy repeats the words  Sarewagba Sisi Shalewa  meaning  Sisi Shalewa come quickly and collect this. On the same hook, he occasionally demands that Sisi Shalewa brings her own mat when she comes to collect his “long thing”. So here’s a curious thought, If Sisi Shalewa has to bring her own mat, does this mean Wizkid is into kinky stuff like period sex? Because we expect him to have his own bed and only period sex could get messy enough for a mat to come in handy.


Tesojue –  Reminisce

This song is on this list for those of you who don’t understand Yoruba. ”Wafe ku laleyi/ ma tesojue laleyi ” in the context of this song  directly  translates as “You will nearly die tonight/I will cum on your face tonight”. So dear ladies, if a man plays this song in the car after an expensive shopping or date, may the lord be with you because that man intends to get all of his money’s worth.

Gift.... put off the light

Wa fe ku  la ley i


Tongolo- D’banj

After Don Jazzy implored D’banj to tell everyone the Koko on this 2004 hit, he demanded that the girl lay down for a Tongolo session. We are unsure if he actually delivered the promised details about the mystical Koko but we will come back to this after we get first hand information from Geneveive and Bonang Matheba

Story for the Gods – Olamide

On this controversial song, Olamide’s konji was so bad, he had to get the gods involved. Olamide describes a girl who really wants to go back to her father’s house because “it’s getting kinda late”,  but she ended up with a broken arm and back…? Do you get it? Neither do we.

(Disclaimer: We do not share Olamide’s views about consent for sex)


Gift (feat. Don Jazzy) – Iyanya

Don Jazzy and Iyanya have no chill on this song. Don Jazzy opens the song with a hook about a surprise gift that can only be seen with the lights off. He uses a ripe banana  (ogede ti pon)  as a metaphor for his erection. An instrumental element for them to make love. The rest of the song features Iyanya’s infamous from the bed to the bedroom line (we swear that is what we heard) and bridge by Don Jazzy where he explicitly describes all the methods he will use to get the girl crying and moaning. 


German Juice – Cynthia Morgan.

Any Nigerian song with a vague title should be susceptible to something controversial. So it comes as no surprise that a song titled German Juice is actually an innuendo for vaginal fluids.


Mosquito Killer – Small Doctor

Small Doctor uses mosquitoes as a metaphor for females as he boasts about his proficiency in killing mosquitoes of different shapes and sizes.

Busy Body – P-Square

The two brothers have a braggart  exchange with an uncredited female singer about how they both won’t be able to handle each other’s busy bodies.  This is basically a song about two people talking dirty to each other as a prelude to having sex.


The Matter (feat. Wizkid) – Maleek Berry

Wizkid must have thought himself sleek when he described what appeared to be workout routines that could also pass off for different Kamasutra sex positions.



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