Real Names Babatunde Olusegun Adewale with a long list of A.K.A’S like Nigel Benn, Samurai IX, Polimaf, Mathematical Sege. Mode9 was born in the U.K on June 14, 1975, he is the third child of his parentsand hails from Osun State. He returned to the country in 1979, where he studied Building Technology at Bida Polytechnic.
His genre of music is Rap/Hiphop and he is one of the pioneers of the game in the land, he was mentored by Solo Dee who introduced him to the likes of Mista Baron, 6foot+ amongst others and together they formed the group Aftermath, which they later renamed Swatroot, one of the super rap groups ever on our shores and signed under Solo Dee’s PayBackTyme Records based in Abuja. Mode9 has since gone on to build a successful career and won multiple awards.
E' Pluribus Unum "One amongst Many" -2006
The Paradigm Shift -2008
Da Vinci Mode -2010
Above Ground Level - 2014
Featured Albums
Modenine& Alias - Pay At-10-Shun -2010
Modenine & Mills the Producer - Golden Era Guevara New Era Mandela -2011
Modenine& XYZ - Alphabetical Order -2013
Malcolm IX - The Lost Sessions -2004
Pentium IX - The Mixtape - 2005
Nigel Benn's KraftWork (Modenine and Kraft) - The Soul Edition - 2007
09.09.09 The Mix Tape -2009
Occupy The Throne -2012
30 days of Mode 9
Notable Features
Stylee -DJ Jimmy Jattft Mode 9
G.O.D Remix – Terry thaRapmanft Mode 9
Nigerian BET Cypher 2011
Headies Lyricist on the Roll (7 time winner)
Best Rap Single, Amen Awards 2004
Channel O Music Video Awards (3 time winner)
Fun fact:
As a child, Mode9’s ambition was to become a spaceman. He once worked as a radio presenter on Rhythm Fm, Abuja and has rapped alongside the likes of Guru of Gangstarr, Wyclef, Nas and Canibus.


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