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Beatrice Tan Biography

Beatrice Tan (born October 7, 1988) is a talented social media influencer, blogger, and fashion model from Singapore. She is the founder of Klara, an online fashion store.

At the Klara store, you can get different shades of fashion jewelryBeatrice Tan has become the most influencer in Singapore in the last past years, with over a thousands of followers across her different social media platforms.

Early Life

Beatrice Tan was born on October 7th, 1988, in Singapore. She grew up with her family, which explains why she is never relentless. Her father name is Tan while her mother name is cherine Chia tye both work in a private company.

Beatrice Tan disclosed she was the only child of her parents, and she was very close to them, especially her mum

Beatrice Tan is active in the fashion and modeling ever since her teenage days. she graduated with a degree in Finance from the National University of Singapore.


Beatrice Tan got upti 79.6k followers on social media, only this makes her social media influencer. During the years of her studies at the University, she launched her first blog website called However, the blog is no longer active.

Her blog was lastly updated by her on August 4th, 2010.

She used her platform to perform several paid advertorials on her blog for companies including The Tinsel Rack, Troops, Mori Vie, Dandzelia, and the online retailer Clicksnleaks for cameras, among others.

As a student then, Beatrice was found in the school’s flea market by the now-defunct fashion brand Bonito Chico, then known as Love, Bonito. She then started modeling for them.

In 2014, Beatrice Tan founded a online clothing shop site called KLARA is a brand of classic modern clothes ShopRite.

Every design is built upon by KLARRA’s distinctive modern, classic and elegant tailoring, which provides the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe which is driven by a kaleidoscope of wearable designs and premium fabrics.


Personal Life

Beatrice Tan was engaged by her long-time Russian boyfriend Dean Krstevski, in November 2017.

In the early months of 2018, they tied the knot. Their union was blessed with an adorable two kids named (Aria Krstevski & Yan Krstevski).

Net Worth

Beatrice Tan‘s has an estimated net Worth of US$4 million, she earn more income from her fashion stores, modeling, and business endorsements.

Social Media

  • Instagram handle: @Beatricesays
  • Twitter handle: @Beatricesays
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