B.Red vs Yung6ix: Hey, can someone come get their kids off the internet?


Not much has been heard of B.Red since Davido abdicated his throne as the most profitable artist from the rapper’s co-founded HKN label. So finding him on the same map with rapper Yung6ix who already released two charting singles For Example and a cover of Desiigner’s Panda was a bit of an annoyance. But Yung6ix owes us an explanation for some plot holes in the supposed beef with the HKN gang, hence, why we dug our nails into this story.

Earlier this year, Yung6ix declared he would go public with names of big industry artists who had been unfair to him in the past. Of course, very much like Kiss Daniel’s promised official press statement to announce his age, we never got Yung6ix’s injustice list. What we got instead in February, was a video of  B.Red sending out threats to the Warri-bred rapper. Though rumours that Yung6ix’s unreleased list has some shady details sure to rub the HKN crew wrong still hangs in the air, it’s been over four months since B.Red made the Snapchat clip and there is still no context for the whos, whats and hows of what led to the public threats.

However, a few hours ago, a video of Yung6ix’s voice in the background taunting a parrot atop flowing curtains with the caption “Our Parrot – his name is B.Red – N*gga scared as fuck – 6ix just came in”.


One would think, with both artists’ ‘rapper’ job description, all of this silliness would be directed towards actually making music. And we already know what you’re thinking, B.Red is not a choice rapper to many and Yung6ix’s entire career has been based on the old coolness of his Wizkid-era industry entry. But there has been a drought of good old diss songs in Nigerian hip-hop since Reminisce and Vector squashed their beef, that we may actually tolerate something from a third rate rapper with a pierced eyebrow and another called Yung6ix who has been ironically ‘young and promising’ for the last 6 years despite his obvious talent.

But it took Yung6ix four months to even subtly reply what clearly listened like aggressive public threats to his life via social media. This, against the backdrop of the uncertainty of how much B.Red we can actually listen to before the average human ears will need cleaning out. Clearly, getting a studio version single from either of this two to officially tally their petty goals seems like something we might have to wait on or get prescription medications for and in that regard, we can only let the picture below do the rest of the talking.

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