MI-Abaga 111There is something about Jude Abaga, when he chooses to indeed rap and not his recent comical self.

M.I is on a pedestal and can compete with any emcee in the land on his day.

Again, he shows his lyrical brilliance on ‘The 4 Horsemen’. This was a joint released a couple of years back and featured fellow Loopy and now Choc Boy Members Loose Kaynon and Kahli Abdu and was produced by one of the finest hiphop beat-makers in the land, Kid Konnect.

This is how rap music should be served, the type that is all bars and the three emcees came through with each dropping their verse immediately one ends, this will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

M.I’S Verse on THE 4 HORSEMEN:

It’s the sign of the ending of days
I gotta still put my pen on a page
How many times i got em singing my praise?
Thinking the infinite times that you could mind spit my intimate lines in a age
What am i made of? Same shit that’s in a grenade
Just know you can’t pull the pin and be safe
Niggas tryna be brave got less than one sixth of a minute to pray
Am like a ref in this bitch see I’m not in it to play
Huh, The four horsemen, ah, apocalypse
I’m Mephistopheles, they can’t conquer us
When the stars align in its divine time
You gon run in and punish you son….it’s the end of mankind
The fun is just hunting these cunts niggas they can’t ryhme
Loose tie your loose round 20 niggas same damn time (damn time)
Giving you definition of hang time
My flows disgusting, they throwing it up like a gang sign
Meanwhile i break ’em down like an enzyme
My team like a pig ticket, we been fine
We do the impossible walking on a water
Then take in a pot of the water I walked on
Bless it and drink wine.



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