MI-Abaga 111Jude Abaga aka M.I Abaga, yesterday reminded us of what he can do lyrically, with the release of his ‘The Chairman’ cipher this week.

Looking back at some of the jewels dropped by this short black boy, we feature Mister Incredible on this week’s Wordsmith with his futuristic verse on Sound Sultan’s 2010.

This is one from way back, but the lyrics of this verse stays relevant even after five years.

M.I verse in ‘2010’:

yes boss, M.I with the flow boss, no more yes bosses it’s no boss
no boss so long you scope us, why you eat green like locust
so your masses live low cost, hunger, poverty choke us
you say there’s a new plan for us, there’s no light, how you gonna show us
all man just fighting, thinking, fuel rising ,money sinking
phcn so blinking, phcn to the fighting
I keep on singing, writing, people voting, we coping
country broken, leaders heartless, open my eyes, still darkness
it’s about that time, that I spit that rhyme
that can touch that mind, who can tell that friend
who can take that stand, we can reach that end
put your lighters up, they can’t fight us down
light up Naija this 2010, the futuristic sound (cos 2010 don show o)



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