LOOSE-KAYNONOff the Illegal Music 2 mixtape by M.I, this is one of those standout singles and it features fellow Loopy member Loose Kaynon.

Loose has been in the game for a while and has actually done quite a lot for hip-hop in Naija in his own way.

His verse on this is easily one of my favorite ever from him, as he matched Mr. Incredible bar for bar and came through real good.

Loose Kaynon’s Verse on LOST:

I’m one verse away from greatness, Let’s face this
The game had its head bowed down, I’m the face lift
Dreams are funny cuz you gotta chase it, then pace it, then face, embrace it
The hustles never wasted, they say I’m the next up
The top is my next stop, I won’t and I can’t stop
Abeg if u dey vex stop, killing every James Bond
You find me in your top five
I’m sitting on top of that table Desktop
In every situation I’m ruling, we kept it moving and proving and proving that through all the bull shit we ain’t losing, assuming they illusions I’m blowing up they infusing
But the force of my intrusion would be worth every Newton
See, Even in losing I win
Cos I learn a lesson
Never stressing, counting my blessings
Always showing progression
My nigga M.I, told me we gonna aim high
They can’t take what’s yours but it’s fun to watch them try
Yes I, I’ve taken some losses but I ain’t crying
I turn to be a beast in the jungle, no lion (lying)
Loose Kaynon be outclassing these rappers, and I ain’t trying
These holes in your souls is for doughnuts I ain’t buying
Yeah, I’m on the cusp of it, so hate I get a lot of it
but I just brush em off and keep winning just for the fuck of it
Yeah, my hustles crazy, my grind got some screws lose
I hate to disappoint them but they just wanna see Loose lose
Climbing to the top, y’all making the return trip
My fear of heights got me working harder so I don’t slip
I pray for this all my life and now it’s getting closer
I write my name in History before all this is over. 



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