How Wizkid became your favourite artiste’s friendliest foe


Controversy has always been one of the biggest highlights of a celebrity life. The ability to convert controversies into positives for career-boosting points however, is another story entirely. After Dammy Krane’s Twitter rants directed at Wizkid, it was quite surprising the normally battle ready starboy did not jump into the fray.

However, Friday’s Quilox club brouhaha with Dammy Krane made any predictions of a trouble-free year for the Wiz quite premature. Clearly, this kid cannot stay out of trouble. 

Save for a few poverty-shaming disses of his own fans, over the last three years, Wizkid’s most explosive tweet fights have involved his former acquaintances. This pattern has repeated itself with Banky W, Skales, Davido and even Dammy Krane who didn’t get any tweets but received a smashed cup to the face.

Is Wizkid a terrible human being? Or Are these just misguided PR stunts?


Getting direct answers to these questions may prove to be a difficult task due to the inconsistencies in the Wizkid brand itself. His exit from EME for example was preceded by sub tweets exchange with former boss Banky W. His exchange of shade with Davido in 2014 played like an attempt by the management of both camps to charge the atmosphere and boost the popularity of both brands. This they pulled off by forcing fans to choose sides. That both stars reportedly hung out together ahead of a show in New York about 12 hours before the internet became littered with rumours of a beef was quite telling. Sadly, all Davido got out of the deal was more disdain from the public while Wizkid coasted on his former successes to reach new peaks.

Skales was also a victim of what looked like an attempt to boost his popularity ahead of his forthcoming Man of The Year album. According to reports, the duo hung out together 10 hours before their tweet fight began and it went on to become one of the biggest social media events of the year. Skales’ album was released to mediocre response and Wiz got a feature from Drake.

With the pattern these squabbles have followed, coupled with Dammy Krane’s usage of his #Enterkraner hashtag, it won’t be far fetched to assume that this latest squabble with Dammy Krane is ahead of the latter’s readiness to drop new material. Like anybody else, Wizkid must have his faults and genuine reasons for discord between these artists may exist, but the strategic timing of explosive media frenzy beef puts a questionable pattern to them.


At the end of the day, it matters little if Wizkid is trying to help his friends reach his level of success or just doing whatever he wants, his is simply a case of bad public relations and poor image management on both ends of the scale. Wizkid is an international artiste, he should be doing more self-promoting things with his brand.

On the other end, artistes that  engage themselves in a beef with Wizkid for publicity are bound to lose in the long run. The Star boy has a larger fan base and a more enduring brand. Anybody going head-to-head with Wizkid for whatever reason would have a better chance at surviving a plane crash.


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