Fuse MOBO Awards96So Fuse ODG won the MOBOs again? Yawn.

The MOBOs may be the most prestigious black music award show in the world, but it is fast losing its relevance and element of wow.

Why do we say that?

UK-based Fuse ODG has won the Best African Act categories for the past 3 consecutive years and we  honestly don’t think he deserved every one.

We are not alone in this school of thought. In that same period, the BET awards and MTV Music award organizers did not think the Ghanaian born artiste fit of a nomination. So there was not even a chance of winning.

The likes of Wizkid, Davido and the energetic Yemi Alade, who we expected to take home the prize, have all been carting home awards in different categories in different award shows around the world.

The only award Mr. Fuse has won aside his 3 MOBOs was in his home country Ghana and even that, is only one plaque.

It is also notable that all of Fuse’s videos put together, do not have as much views as Yemi Alade’s Johnny.

So we wonder who does the voting for the MOBO awards.




Jasper Atakefa is a music lover and a sport addict, he tweets via @JasperAtakefa



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