boogey-3The last Monday of the year, in line with the Christmas period of giving, budding lyricist and one of the most consistent rapper, Boogey decided to bless his fans with the gift of his project titled ‘Irregularly Scheduled Problem’.

2015 was an awesome year for Nigerian Hip hop and I am glad to be part of it. In 2016, expect awesome projects with Charlie X, Bigfoot and the long awaited, ‘Something About David’.

The 11 Track mixtape features songs like Baba Yaga, Radio Out, Bad Muthawhat, Superhero, Uprising, Say Amen and also has guest artistes like rising rapper Paybac, AT, Endia amongst others.

Boogey is definitely one of those putting in hard work as he previously released his T.I.N.A.A project earlier this year which was received fairly well, a lot of his fans called for this project to actually be put up for sale online but Boogey insists that like Santa Claus, this is his own way of saying Thank you to his fans.

Support good music, download #ISP.



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