#WCW: Songbird Simi is our sweetest love interest yet

After years of meandering at the edge of the industry, Simi finally made her way into our hearts in 2015 and she’s not going anywhere this time around.

Simi tiff

The songbird made her debut on the Nigerian music radar in 2009 with a smash contemporary gospel hit, Ara ile off her debut gospel album, Oga Ju.  She gained massive airplay with the single and followed up with a handful of other songs from the LP before vanishing off the face of the industry. However, her disappearance was not inconsequential.

In 2013, the sultry-voiced singer resurfaced with a mash-up cover of Asa’s Bibanke and Chris Brown’s Don’t Judge me.  Although the song did not get massive airplay, it marked the beginning of her crossover journey from the gospel music sub-genre and just like she requested, we didn’t judge her for it. In fact, we loved every bit of it.

Later that year, a cover of Drake’s Marvin’s Room, spawned by a tweet from eLDee was released by the singer barely 24 hours after eLDee’s tweet. The stunning vocals she provided for the cover broke everyone’s expectations. The singer has since released three of her own original singles;’ Tiff, Jamb question and Open and close and has made a case for her own brand of afro soul.


Simi is a multi-talented singer. Her sultry voice also adds an extra rococo to the high density of her deft lyrical and storytelling artistry. We can go on and on about her talents because we cannot get enough of her. However, as we await an official announcement and roll-out schedule for her new album, we have nothing but love for this emerging voice in Nigerian music.


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