Skales-Wizkid 1083Like they say in the showbiz industry, bad news is good news.

Any news whatsoever, is publicity to an artiste, as long as it helps him or her stay in the news.

So if the scandal has to be faked or genuine ones, most welcome it. Here is a look at the top scandals that hit the entertainment scene this year.

  1. Skibii’s Death Publicity stunt: A faked death scandal hit the blogs and all major platforms as the upcoming act in connivance with label mates created a stunt that didn’t quite go down well with many. What was supposed to help the artist gain some buzz almost saw his budding image tarnished and even got subbed on songs by fellow musicians, whoever planned this hoax forgot that Africans don’t joke with death.
  2. Toke Makinwa’s failed marriage and a reunion: Sometime this year, OAP and the mother of Vlogs, Toke Makinwa had the spotlight focused on her following her breakup with hubby Maje Ayida after barely 18 months following news of infidelity creeping into their home, this almost broke the internet as the one who gave relationship advice soon needed a shrink, although the pair were later seen hanging out together at the Future Awards, it remains to be confirmed if they are officially back as a pair.
  3. Skales VS Wizkid: This happened in the early part of the year as what seemed an innocuous question by a fan of Skales twitter turned into a uproar and saw the former label mates go at each other on social media. They both went back and forth throwing accusations and mudslinging with Skales claiming he wrote songs for Wiz and Wizkid saying Skales was merely looking for publicity for his new album.
  4. Soundcity VS Psquare: A war of words where it was revealed that the Urban TV channel had blacklisted the twins following failure to perform free at one of its shows, this was ugly for both parties as they took to twitter and social platforms to expose their dirty linens.
  5. Burna Boy VS Awards Organizers: Burna had a word for award organizers especially MAMA’s who never seemed to nominate his works and complained about the amount of politics ongoing in the industry.
  6. Timaya’s Alleged Rape Incident: The Egberi Papa One of Bayelsa got accused of rape by a lady identified as Shella B sometime in July this year demanding for 50,000 dollars though the artiste while not denying that an act took place denied any claim of rape.
  7. Burna Boy VS Buffalo Souljah: Aside dropping an album this year, Burna got caught up in one-two many controversies, This was actually one of the opening scandals of the year as Burna Boy got involved in a fight with Zimbabwean artist Buffalo Souljah at a party in South Africa, his entourage was accused of public harassment after Burna was said to have confronted Buffalo Souljah of saying bad things about him, the dancehall artist denied this but it didn’t go down well with Burna who became violent and even threatened to kill him.


Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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