Ikechukwu threw shade, Vector clapped back. Peep all the ways we reacted

We have bended and broken the record for the number of times anyone has watched the infamous exchange of words between rappers Ikechukwu and Vector on HipTV’s new show The Gist. Though the full show has been aired on TV, HipTV is yet to released the clip online for us to understand the full context of the exchange of words. Nonetheless, the shot clip that surfaced on Instagram earlier yesterday tells most of the story.

After Ikechuwku jabs Vector with a question asking him to tell the the seated guests and audience something extraordinary that he has done, Vector quickly made reference to his buzz-worthy 2 hour freestyle on RhythmFM in 2015.

Ikechukwu, still seemingly unimpressed immediately reiterated “That’s nothing bro, we all do freestyles at home.” That must have hit a cold nerve for Vector because the epicness of his response cannot even be described.

See video below to see what we mean.



That was such a messy clapback, we had a different reaction to it every time we watched the video clip. But this was our first.


When Ikechukwu said “That’s nothing bro, we all do freestyles at home.”

That must be a really long ass shower …bro

Ikechuwkwu’s response to how much he made from his 2-Hour “home” freestyle.

pressure (2)

iLLbliss in the corner with his thoughts just respecting himself like.


“I’m not getting paid for this shit. Not about to disgrace my family like this. Can’t even remember the last time I got paid. Chidinma has even left the label now. Oh God, I should have signed another person since. Is there even food at home? Gotta call Clarence for another loan. What am i even  doing here? I’d probably do a 2 hour freestyle  at home though. Put my all pain in the bars you know?”

Host in the middle of all this looking like this.

Please, we need some cold water on set for all of these flames.

HipTV may have struck a goldmine with this show and we can’t wait to see more episodes.


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