Burna-Boy-620x320Politics is everywhere. That is something that cannot change.

Even in the church, the pope is voted and a lot of lobbying happens before he is selected. That being said, we want to look at the political aspect of the Nigerian music industry.

In a recent interview with The Fader Magazine, Glo ambassador Burna Boy blamed his inability to win awards on the politics being played in the industry.

Although I agree with him, there is something he is getting wrong, the politics is not just in the Nigerian music industry, but in the entire entertainment industry worldwide, if not how else can one explain the fact that Fuse ODG has won 3 consecutive MOBO awards for the best African act while even in his own country, he has not been able to win any award during this spell. It is also noteworthy that the BET, MAMA, CHANNEL O, AFRIMA and KORA awards organizers did not deem him fit for a nomination during the same period of time.

Coming back home, one will wonder why a relatively unknown Zucee is just gaining nominations for different categories of the upcoming Nigerian Music Video Awards. His most viewed video has a little over 11,000 views and yet at the end of the day he’ll cart home awards, beating other people who deserved it for their hard works.

While the politics cannot be avoided, we advice the aggrieved artistes, who feel that they are the victims of the politicking in the industry to up their game to the level where politics can no longer affect them.



Jasper Atakefa is a music lover and a sports addict, he tweets via @jasperAtakefa


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