5 success lessons you should learn from Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is one of the biggest names in African music. His knack for remaining at the top of his game is quite unconventional. If you plan to become Don Jazzy successful, here are some steps you need to take.


#1 Understand the market. 

Don Jazzy has nurtured some of Nigeria’s biggest brands. The Mavin boss, is a half-producer, half-management god who has studied the pattern, sound and feel of Nigerian music. Don Jazzy  knows what Nigerians what to listen to and when they want to listen to it. No matter how untalented you are, Don Jazzy will find a place for you in the music sphere.

#2 Consistency.

Building a brand takes time. The fact that the Don Jazzy brand has retained its place over the years is mostly due to his consistency. The producer extraordinaire has more production credits than he can count. He has managed to make hits year in year out, no matter how bizarre the song is titled or how terrible it sounds on first listen. Clearly this man is talented. He could also be using juju. Frankly we don’t care.

Don Jazzy be like


and Nigerians go 


#3 Rule Social media.

From the deep waters of Twitter to the nether lands of Facebook, the Nigerian social media is your kingdom, rule over it as you please.

#4 Be generous.

To become the ultimate Dorrobucci, you must be willing to part with some money. You do not have the luxury of promising people laptops and not giving them (Hi Davido). Like a politician lobbying for votes, you must satisfy your fans. Give recharge cards, give food, give money, give more money. Even when you haven’t confirmed if one of your children wants his car or not, give it away anyway.  Just tell everybody to come and collect.


#5 If someone stresses you, stop their shine.

One of the perks of being Don Jazzy is having power over other people’s destinies. This is a power you must not be afraid to demonstrate. If you can take a man to the peak of his career, don’t forget to put him in his place.


Don Jazzy on Wande Coal:

  When you realise you have bitten more than you can chew:


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