Apparently, Eva Alordiah is quitting music

The industry is about to lose another one of its own.

Because as we report this, the stage is probably being set and microphones are being tested for what Eva Alordiah herself has confirmed is her last show as a musician.


Yes, you read that right. Eva Alordiah is quitting her career as an artiste.

The singer updated her Instagram with a poster of her last live concert, which according to her will be her “last show as a ‘Music Artiste”. She thanks her fans for the experience and beckons on them to come with her to the next chapter of her life.

It’s tomorrow!! My last show as a ‘Music Artiste’! Yes, I am ending another chapter in my life and ready for the next! If you Love Eva, you gotta be here tomorrow no? Please 😣 I really want you to come. Bring 4 friends. I would be performing songs from before you knew me till right now! It is Live and Unplugged with the band and I want to share this experience with only the best and realest fans! If you have never seen me play with the band please be here tomorrow! I promise you a fantastic Hiphop experience, God help me Can’t wait to see you guys. 💜💜💜 I would be at the Venue from 8PM to meet you all one on one! Pictures, Selfies, Drinks, anyone? Please please please tag 2 crazy Eva Fans! Free! VENUE: THE LOUNGE LAGOS, 30 Ademola Adetokunbo VI (beside SweetSensation) #LiveShow #Concerts #LoudNProudLive #EvaLive #EvaUnplugged

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While this news comes as a surprise to most, Eva Alordiah quitting is not much of a surprise to us. Not because we didn’t like her music, or consider her as the former best fucking female rapper Nigeria had has in the game, but because we didn’t think she had many other options as far as her music career was concerned.

Eva first launched herself on the radar in late 2009 with her debut single I done did it, a preppy hip hop number reminiscent of the epic ‘Re-Jerk’ dance era. Her gritty style, witty rhymes and wispy voice gained her fame in an industry with very few female rappers worth an ear. In the following years, she dropped her Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO) EP and got signed to Eldee’s TrybesRecords in May of 2012.


Fast forward barely 6 months later, she was dropped by the label due to some bullshit the label referred to as “Eva’s vision” not aligning with theirs and for that reason “both parties have agreed to separate”. This marked the beginning of Eva’s career as an independent artiste which wasn’t very different from how her career was operated under her former label.

Save for her self-titled EVA EP, and her Because You’ve Been Waiting virtual EP, she still didn’t drop her anticipated 1960 album. Though she still managed to snag hits off songs like Deaf and Kanayo, Eva seemed just content with her title as the unchallenged best female rapper without any active portfolio to support it.


We don’t know how she came to the conclusion that it was time to drop the mic forever but we don’t think it was independent of her greater success as a make-up artiste with her company Orsela. Add the lukewarm reaction to her most recent attempts at kicking the slumbering horse of her career back to life with  sub-par singles and it doesn’t come as a surprise. Plus she is about to start a family after getting engaged on live tv at last year’s Headies.

Quitting music is either Eva finally choosing fashion over music, or trying to go into early retirement with a title she has no reasonable body of work to support. Or this could be another publicity stunt ahead of her album (But we want to believe she won’t stoop that low).

Either ways, we wish her success in her future endeavours. She will be missed… kinda.


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