Sean Tizzle’s ‘Hit and Run’ features Tory Lanez and this jam is not one you want to sleep on


For whatever reason Sean Tizzle is not your favourite celebrity right now, it will never suffice enough for you to deny the singer’s hit-making superpowers.

Tizzle surfaced on the map after the commercial success of his chart topping single Sho Le, but his good grace with the public was short lived after a squabble for songwriting credits (for the same song) pitted him against veteran, Sound Sultan. Social media fails, a rumoured label dispute with D’Tunes and speculations of bleaching his skin amongst other things further dipped any value for his public image, and if you ask us, all of this and more have completely distracted us from the fact that Sean Tizzle is actually a great artist.


His latest attempt to regain public confidence comes via  a lush neo-R&B single featuring Canadian rapper Tory Lanez.  The singer has been teasing this collaboration for a couple of weeks and after giving Hit and Run a couple replays, we see why. Unlike many international collaborations where Nigerian artists fall into the background of their foreign counterpart’s shine, Sean Tizzle is a center piece of his own destiny in a way even Wizkid has  not mustered the confidence to pull off.

On Hit and Run we bear witness to a more lyrical Sean Tizzle who details a love story with a woman he wants for more than a one time shag. His love interest is a dancer for money but neither Tizzle nor Lanez have issues with her hustle because she’s a ride or die who can put her life on the line for the man she loves. Sean Tizzle’s auto-tuned vocals are laid on trippy instrumentals produced by Dr Frabs. The singer rolls verses and hooks across the production while Tory Lanez’ role is limited to a bridge and support for the background instrumentals (Yes, you read that right, Sean Tizzle featured one of Canada’s finest on a song as a back-up artist).

Hit and Run may not be anything the Nigerian is used to but it shows a side to Sean Tizzle that we are unfamiliar with and there is no way you want to sleep on this.

Listen to Hit and Run below





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