The 10 songs probably on President Buhari’s, er, iPod

As we all know, Our Nigerian president has always been a friend of the media and everything that concerns the music scene. You may not know this, but we do. We utmostly believe that our President would always listen to these jams to keep track of the “nation’s music scene” and make him feel 23 again.

Here is the list of 10 songs that we think would probably be on President Buhari’s Ipod.

  1. ASA – Satan Be Gone: There is one thing to be happy and there is another thing to be President Buhari. To be honest, we just feel that if the President was to look back on the scenarios he had to go through before he attained his current position, he would just tell any PDP party member right now; “Satan Be Gone”. We could also say that the president might have a little bit of interest in Asa’s music, as it gives food to the soul and life to the mind. Our President is a great mind so that suits him well. We got that right?
  2. DBANJ and AFRICAN ALL STARS – “Cocoa Na Chocolate”: Honestly, to be honestly honest, Dbanj is just someone that doesn’t seem to amaze us around this beautiful continent. How can you make a smart move from entertainment to selling Garri, sorry, agriculture? If there is a song that better shows the interest of the president in the state of foreign export, agriculture needs to reclaim its lost glory from oil. We just believe President Buhari might probably just put it as a reminder ringtone for agricultural meetings.
  3. DAVIDO – “AYE”: Like forreal mehn!!! Have you seen the recent picture of the President’s wife? You would continue to be in awe as you figure what a beauty she is. We have seen past Presidents and worst case scenarios, but Davido’s Aye would continue to serve as a reminder to President Buhari, owing to the fact that his wife married him even when all he had was cattle and a military uniform. Cheers to the General, we got you on this one!
  4. ASA – FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN: You shouldn’t be told and beaten before you know that there is real fire on the Nigerian mountain. President Buahri took over from the last government with heaps of coal and fire on the Aso Rock. Don’t get it twisted. The President is aware of the current situations and he knows pretty well what to do. Just let Asa keep on reminding him.
  5. COBHAMS & BEZ – “Do the Right Thing”: It’s obvious that the President has been keen on supporting the dreams of young people in the media and those also on the streets. We believe and know that the president is capable of doing the right thing to make our nation a great one. It’s up to you to do your part and support the presidential dream, rather, the Aso rock dream.
  6. TY Bello – “Land is Green”: wawuuuuuuu. We all know that there is nothing really deep that hasn’t been said about this song. This is a must-have for the President.
  7. AYO JAY – “YOUR NUMBER”: I know what you are probably thinking right now, How does Ayo Jay’s song even make the presidential list. What is “your number” going to mean? Well, we would not really explain much. All we can say is that remember that time, when the President had an interview with Madame Christine Amanpour of CNN? If you missed the smirks on the president’s face, just watch it again on YouTube. We don’t know what went down sha…
  8. TIMI DAKOLO – ONE GREAT NATION: This Timi’s song is defined by a spirit that binds all ethnic differences in Nigeria. Even though we may be different in cultural beliefs, heritage, colour and dialect, we are still a great nation bonded by love and Peace. Needless say much, the president is probably jamming this song right now…
  9. K1 THE ULTIMATE – “SEMPE”: Don’t ask us why!!! KWAM1 has attended every presidential event since our president entered into power. It’s not just business for KWAM1, its music too.
  10. CLASSIQ – “AN FARA”: Because the president likes Hausa rap.


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