Poll: Who has more Yeezus in them; M.I or Olamide?

Kanye West is unarguably one of the most successful artists of his generation, but just in case you needed a more convincing context for why we published this poll, today is Yeezy’s birthday.


The rapper hits the 39-year-old mark today with more recorded successes in his near four decade lifetime than we have seen with many before him who share the same level of impact. He is a great rapper, an eclectic producer, self-acclaimed revolutionary fashion-God, staunch filmmaker, and entrepreneur whose cockiness sometimes masks just how important to pop culture he really is.

While we cannot pinpoint which of these qualities have made Kanye West such an exceptional artist over the years, only two names come to mind if we had to draw persona comparisons with Nigerian entertainers who share the hip-hop craft, success and impact; Olamide and M.I.

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Very much like Kanye West, Olamide has created new rules for making popular music. Like West who  discovered Desiigner and many other’s like him, since the YBNL boss kicked off his own independent print in 2012, he has similarly allowed other artistes ride on the beam of his blinding shine to fame.

Both Olamide and Kanye West are very passionate about their craft, so emotional outbursts when their authorities feel questioned are not rare. Olamide may share neither Kanye’s incessant self-absorption or selfishness (as far as the media portrays), but both rappers bear the sharp mark of a larger than life ego evidenced in both their lyricism and public images.

M.I rose to fame in a music market saturated with the same kind of artistes who neither had originality nor versatility. So like Kanye West with his backpacks and polos, the first duty M.I had to cross off the list on arrival was the creation of a new school.

M.I did not only come to take over the rap industry, he put deft ears to the ground and brought up other talents to erode the existing order. The greatest assets he shares with Kanye West however is a sharp wit, cerebral wordplay and other worldly braggadocio.

M.I’s entrepreneurial side has suffered a couple of hitches since he assumed the mantle of Chocolate City leadership, his role in the label apriori made him instrumental to the expansion of Chocolate City from a mere record label into a super structured entertainment company.

So tell us, who do you think is more like Kanye West between Olamide and M.I


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