Poll: Who would you rather have on your song; Davido or Wizkid?


Undeniably, Davido and Wizkid are two of Nigeria’s biggest artists. They both have unique styles, delivery and a massive cult following. This makes them the best choice for other artistes to guest feature.

Wizkid has a trademark vocal dexterity that fits smoothly into any given instrumentation. He also has a die-hard fan base that will readily make converts of anyone who does not believe in the gospel according to the starboy. Sometimes, all you need to gain their attention is a song that says “feat. Wizkid.”

However, Wizkid’s lack of  lyrical depth often makes his features seem inconsequential. The singer is also famous for ad-libbing verses and  merely supplying vocals on guest features without really saying anything reasonable.

Davido may not the best lyricist, but he will almost never voice incoherent jargon on your song. The energetic singer does a wonderful job of leaving a mark on his features without lording his presence over the entire track. Davido shines on remixes and aptly delivers on hooks and choruses. However, his unique voice may need some vocal fx and fine tuning to improve his synch with the instrumentation. Nonetheless, the singer will redeem himself by affiliating himself and his massive fan base with your brand.

These are two equally powerful artists with the capacity to make any song a hit. If you had to choose, who would you rather record a song with?


Who would you rather feature on a song?

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