The Okoye brothers issue public apology for whatever the fuck they were stressing us about

Honestly, this P-Square shtick is getting old and has started to exhaust us.


Synchronizing the same apologetic post  across all three of  their social media accounts, the three Okoye brothers, Peter, Paul, and  Jude seem to have finally arrived at a commonplace to further their career from. The caption for all three pictures read the same with the words: “That it took our stupidity to realize our family comes first, we’re very sorry.”


The brothers have been on the second long drawn battle that has similarly threatened the possibility of the group’s split for the past month. This public apology issued via Instagram comes as a follow-up to the statement released over the weekend by Peter and Paul Okoye to remain with the group as P-Square.

But for the sake of fans who are still religious followers of the P-Square brand we feel it is our duty to remind everyone about Peter’s vehement protest against retaining Jude as the group’s manager. Peter has repeatedly revealed the lack of structure as his major bone of contention with the old P-Square and with Jude.

With this latest update, we feel an awing sense of deja vu and we don’t know what exactly to think. It may be justified to celebrate the decision of two of Africa’s biggest pop stars to remain a cohesive team, but curiosity presses us to wonder how things will proceed with the new P-Square formation. Especially when we consider the fact that the same problems that threatened the group’s split in 2013 are still the same one the group just recently dealt with.

We await the unfurling of the rest of this story, but frankly, we are not really getting our hopes up or anything.




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