Nnamdi Kanu appeared in court today and we just curated a playlist for him

6 counts of a treasonable felony may be capable of landing you enough jail term to have you incarcerated till the return of Jesus. But if it wasn’t enough to stop you from posing for quick selfies with fans and supporters of your movement, it probably shouldn’t stop you from having a dedicated Sounds.ng curated playlist.

I’m Feeling Good – 2Baba and D’banj

Nothing can break the smile on his face as he wades through the crowd of supporters and sympathisers, which makes 2Baba and D’banj’s I’m Feeling Good the perfect playlist opener. I’m Feeling Good has Both 2Baba and D’banj lightly touching on the issue of politics and governance before capping things off with the fact that they feel just great.

Undisputed- M.I

Nnamdi Kanu may not be a rapper but the man is currently squaring off against a national government bent on discrediting the validity of the cause he fights for. Whether he is in the right or not, we have to admit, that is pretty bad ass. The biggest win for him will be championing a cause worth dying for and regardless of the outcome of his court case, the fact that he stood up to do something while others sat will be his greatest victory.

Winner (feat. Chidinma, Lamborghini) – DJ Clay

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A wise saying once said when the heart wants something hard enough, the universe conspires to make it happen and for Nnamdi Kanu, a little optimism cannot hurt. In fact, the hope of making it out of this without getting severely scathed is the only thing he has.

Jailer – Asa


The Nigerian government arrested Nnamdi Kanu in October last year in what local sympathisers and international observers have deemed an unlawful detention. Though there have been several attempts to free Kanu, they have all proven abortive as the Nigerian government continues to remain silent in hopes that the separatist Biafra organisation he birthed will miraculously vanish without its leader. Asa’s Jailer will, therefore, be the perfect song directed to the irony of imprisoning Kanu despite the fact the man as growing active support from all over the world.

Man of The Year – Phyno

Well for obvious reasons, Kanu is quickly rising to the place of mastermind freedom fighters across history. He is a master propagandist who knows how to say the right things to evoke emotions and support out of people. Thanks to him, there has been a considerable increase in the number of pro-Biafra protests all over the country. Kanu’s impact on the Igbo community within such a short period is so profound that calling him the man of the year may seem a bit like an understatement.

Obodo (feat. Klint Da Drunk) – Nigga Raw


On Obodo, Nigga Raw calls the people of his community to hear the story he has to tell, there is no doubt that Kanu is in need of just about the same thing

4 Instance – 2Baba


If Kanu could wish for different circumstances around his arrest and incarceration, he’d probably have a textbook full of instances of how he could have done things differently, if his own government was about to be upstaged by a secessionist group. And on 4 Instance, 2Baba echoes everything Kanu could possibly think up.


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