Mash Up Monday: You have to watch this oyinbo look really confused about Wizkid’s lyrics

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We admit we’re sort of just milking Wizkid’s One Dance collaboration with Drake for views at this point, but this one will make your day.

But first, we recommend a trip to YouTube to discover all the fun stuff Drake’s One Dance has been converted into since the song hit the internet. There is everything you can imagine from preppy montage-esque remixes with acoustic guitars to full-blown regional reworks with lyrics delivered in other languages. During our dig, we ran into British YouTuber, Brett Domino’s cover and we don’t even know where to begin if we wanted to pitch this to you.

However, here is what you need to know.

Brett Domino is an internet famous music and alongside his friend, Steven Peavis, has been making music for 8 years under the group pseudonym, The Brett Domino Trio. Obvious right? Well, that’s the intent. Though they rose to fame via an underground cult following, they became even more pronounced after featuring on BBC’s The Apprentice and of course their hit YouTube web series How to make a hit pop song.

Brett Domino’s act is not the obviously humorous one, but with facial expressions swinging between indifference and uncharacteristic ambivalence, you’re forced to chuckle as he and his occasional partner-in-crime Peavis appear make really good music.

Their music is often made in what looks like a mockery of mainstream music as Domino, the group’s singer makes extra effort at sounding as ordinary as possible, even occasionally using a speech speak to deliver lyrics that were originally sung.

Their appearance is the exact opposite of the glitzy urban fashion popular music is often affiliated with, rather all you get are two guys who could totally pass off for couch gamers or single recently divorced dads at best.


Their take on Drake’s One Dance features all the same elements of their brand, with instrumentation they made and produced themselves to rework the entire song from top to bottom. We don’t know if either Drake or Wizkid will be proud of what they have done here, but they should at least find it hilarious.


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