Jollof Wars: The only thing worse than this Nigerian Jollof diss song, is Ghanaian Jollof

Today is World Jollof day and as with everything Jollof related in this region of the world, we’re not surprised that our Ghanaian brothers-in-rice want to be starting something.


This time, the battle of the Jollofs is rehashed by a trap music diss song of our seasoned delicacy. Sister Deborah, Ghana’s version of a Maheedah with clothes but still lacking any visible talent, lays hard-to-follow, mostly incoherent brags on a simple tick-tock beat about the colour, aroma and taste of her own version of Nigerian Jollof’s evil Ghanaian twin.

According to Sister Deborah, her Jollof brings all the Nigerian boys to the yard because Nigerian Jollof is prepared like this


Yep, you guessed right. We have faced all of this abuse and emotional trauma from Ghana for all these years because they think we season our Jollof rice with canned fish.  Canned fucking fish!


We can already hear our proud  warriors of the firewood party Jollof battalion laughing their heads off too, but she didn’t stop there.


In what appears to be a case of burnt pot name-dropping a black kettle, Sister Deborah throws epic shade at the whiteness of Nigerian Jollof by comparing it to the colour of Dencia’s skin.


We’re going to  ignore her obvious misinformation. But while we don’t have any proof that her near-flawless skin colour is a shade lighter for what it used to be, for the honour of our Jollof, we’re placing her and Dencia in the same whitenicious box until proven innocent.

Nigerian Jollof war crime, Nigerian persecution.

We want to go on and on about Sister Deborah, but we’re not in the mood for pro-bono PR. Especially not after we just got our Jollof dissed by a country where they eat Jollof rice like this


Yuck!  Can someone please serve these people real Jollof to change their lives?

But all is fair in love and war and we’re not actually mad at Sister Deborah. Besides Ghana Jollof and its accompanying video are well produced and great for laughs.  Also, we must add that the Nigerian arrogance is still the only proof that we have the better Jollof, maybe a taste test may turn the tides in Ghana’s favour in the future (jk. Or not ).

If you want to hear the rest of Sister Deborah’s actually hilarious Jollof spoof, watch the video below.


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