How to curate the ultimate sex playlist

Sex is one of the most riveting activities of our human existence but it has to be done right. There are therefore precise moves involved that sometimes feels like trying to slip through a security system of laser lights. One wrong move and everything can become super awkward. This is where the need for the ultimate playlist comes in.

Music heightens our senses by using all parts of our mind. This adds another level of stimulation to the on-going physical and emotional connection you already have with someone. Besides, there is an added advantage of the music burying noises from all that thigh-on-thigh slapping and helping to shield your children or neighbours from possible mental trauma.

To help you improve your sex life, here are some tips on curating the perfect sex playlist.

Go for songs that capture the atmosphere, not the memory.

Sex is gory and sweaty, especially when you’re in love. There is an increased sense of intimacy and you can almost feel your partner’s every pulsation. This means the ultimate sex playlist must capture this in its purest form. Choose songs that hang at the back of your mind without being intrusive, like a soundtrack after a break-up scene in a rom-com, but sexier. Stay away from pop music or anything you would be forced to sing along to (that’s just weird really). Avoid songs that remind you of trauma or pain. Songs with heavy metal guitars, dubstep bass drops and coarse vocals have no business on your playlist. Stick with songs with a rhythmic melody and gentle flow. Soul, R&B, alternative rock, reggae, French jazz, and hip-hop are great atmosphere setting genres.

Don’t make it too obvious.

This is mostly important for first-time hook-ups. The mind wanders away too quickly during sex. An obviously dedicated playlist with a noticeable pattern could make things super weird for someone you just began a new relationship with. Their mind will begin to raise red flags about the number of people who have heard the same set of songs and things could run dry (or soft) very quickly. To avoid this, slip some random songs into the playlist, just make sure these songs maintain the room atmosphere.

Separate your playlists.

Don’t use the same playlist for your main partner and your side-piece (have some dignity, please). The playlist for romantic sex with your main should be soft and nice. Poetry sometimes borders on depression, so avoid too much depth and stick with simple lyrics. With a side-piece, the sex is more physical, so it’s hotter and more daring. Hip-hop songs are cheesy, bold and daring, you can use this as a guide. Basically, any song with heavy drums, brash lyrics and gentle rhythm will get the job done.

Shuffling and other hidden tricks.

Keep your playlist playing at a random, so you’re not mentally looking forward to the next song. If you’re into oral sex, you could try humming the song on the speakers while you’re down there. The vibrating sensation feels great and it works for both partners. Always remember to keep your playlist healthy with regular updates.


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