Inside The ‘Gold’ album: Our top 5 choice picks of the best songs off Adekunle Gold’s debut


Adekunle Gold dropped his Gold album yesterday to a nation-wide buzz and we have been previewing the content of the 16 track LP over the last few hours. If you’re just as nitpicky as we are with getting the best out anything without having to weed through miles of chaff (not like there are that many on Gold) before finding the-the really good stuff, here are 5 previews of the best songs on Adekunle Gold’s impressive debut.

Nurse Alabere

Good ballads are hard to come by on many Nigerian albums, but Adekunle Gold proves that despite the proliferation of bum-bum music, great songwriting can still revive the art of crafting something beautiful from somber melodies. This is why Nurse Alabere works with a dramatically styled delivery that starts off mellow but slowly eases into a vibrant peak. Adekunle Gold sets Nurse Alabere on the narrative of a man struggling to kick start his heart after a failed relationship — even though his old lover seems to be doing just fine. There’s a use of vivid imagery that manages to collect all of his pain in one place without losing the laser-focus of making sure the average Nigerian listener finds this very relatable. If you ever doubted Adekunle’s Gold’s songwriting, this may be your turning point song.

No Forget (feat. Simi)

Simi has been meandering at the edge of a much-deserved recognition for the last few years. However, after the critical acclaim of her feature on Falz’ Soldier, the songbird has intensified her efforts to reach a larger mass audience. This highly anticipated duet with Adekunle Gold if anything confirms her ability to take on any sonic idea and masterfully elevate it. Amidst dating their rumours, No Forget  tells the story of a love that doesn’t hide behind feigned perfection. Real love is paranoid, demands dedication and but most importantly, real love is unconditional. Lucky for us, Adekunle Gold and Simi bring their near-untouchable synergy to show us all of this.


We can all categorically say after a few listens that anybody who decides to leave their project under Simi’s mixing and mastery is in safe hands. Paradise is where all of the clarity and fullness normally absent from many local recordings beam in bright colours. Here Adekunle’s great songwriting meets Pheelz’ ability to layer backup vocals almost too smoothly and all of that is wrapped under the deft mixing of Simi. Adekunle Gold is smitten with love on Paradise and to show this, he sets his vocals on lush beats and slow-dance soft kicks. This is the comfort food music anyone in love should listen to on their way home to the love of their lives every night.


If you thought the Work Work Work craze was ending with Rihanna and Drake you have got something else coming. Luckily, Adekunle Gold takes his own Work far away from the bedroom matters RiRi had implied in hers earlier this year. Off the Gold album, Work is an Afro-jazz inspired tongue-in-cheek song about adding extra grind to our daily hustles instead of living implausible fantasies. The concept is self-sufficient without taking its perspective too seriously. Ironically despite the human interest theme, thanks to bassment pattern arrangement and blaring trumpets going off in the background, If any song from this album will make it to club party playlists, this may just be it.

Fight for You

Adekunle Gold returns to the traditional Yoruba music style basics he came into the game witth with Fight For You. Back-up vocals harmonize alongside the chorus, highlife guitar is strummed on forever while the entire song relies on the soft bass kicks and snare drums for rhythm. Adekunle Gold is doing vocal gymnastics via adlibs towards the end of the song as he brags about fighting for his lover. There is something that uniquely comes together in this song and it’s in our familiarity with an Adekunle Gold who knows how to craft soul-lifting happy songs like this. There is unimaginable power in this.


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