Milli may finally be ready to open up on Chocolate City exit

In the last quarter of 2015, Chocolate City received high praises for a series of re-branding and restructuring. These were a series of coordinated moves that saw the label merging M.I’s independent Loopy Records imprint with Chocolate City, signing on new top class acts and releasing the critically acclaimed premiere collective album from the label, The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation: Vol 1.


Amongst the fruits of this reinvigourated Chocolate City Music was a multi-talented producer, singer, and rapper, Milli who had high impact credits on The TICBN album was well as on M.I’s third studio album, The Chairman . His name quickly shot up the ranks of internet searches and trends as one of the most promising acts to look forward to from the label in the coming months and with label boss, M.I’s insistence on making fans wait till 2016 to see the evolved Choc Boi Nation, Milli was anticipated by all to be a big part of the coming plans.

However, a series of events obscured from the media had Milli prematurely exiting the label. Though both parties were silent on the developments for a couple of months with the former even denying Milli’s exit despite the fact that all signs of his affiliation with the label were being erased from the internet, and the speculation was becoming bolder news headlines.

Eventually, a shoddy press release stating that both label and artiset had mutually decided to part ways was released. Related news also hinted that Milli had been the recipient of some major funding and hence was planning on floating his own independent label but outside these side talks, everything has been silent ever since.

It’s time to end the silence… #UpNextMovement

A photo posted by Milli (@savemilli) on


At least until now. The picture above is a centerpiece in a series of mysterious Instagram posts that Milli updated his Instagram with to create a larger picture with a message as you can see below

The full sentence reads: “There are always two sides to every story. Everything isn’t everything at all”

Each of these pictures is captioned and tagged with “It’s time to end the silence #UpNextMovement” indicating he may be finally ready to speak up on his split with Chocolate City and further progress with his own imprint, rumored to be called Upnexxt Universe.

Despite the pleasing aesthetics, most interesting about this conversion of his Instagram profile into a canvas is the center piece. A direct response to M.I’s lead single off his last Illegal Music mixtape, IM3: The Finale titled Everything I Have Seem, with an adjoining video dubbed Everything. If our sources right, the next couple of days on Milli’s Instagram are going to be interesting ones and we’re looking forward to everything to come, pun intended.


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