That year we all went ‘Windeck’ crazy for Cabo Snoop

In 2010, we witnessed the rise of Wizkid, Davido amongst other youngsters. Around the same time, 20 year old Angolan dancer and singer, Ivo Manuel Lemos, also known as Cabo Snoop emerged with a huge hit titled Windeck off his debut album Bluetooth. Windeck was accompanied by a dance music video where Cabo Snoop and his backup dancers performed a series of complicated dance moves. It didn’t take too long for the rest of Africa to catch on to the song and dance.
Windeck is supposedly the name of a city in Angola, but in the context of the song, it relates to scenarios that can lead to sexual activity between a man and a woman. Which explains the complicated waist movements in the video. The song is rendered in Cabo Snoop’s native Portuguese language with additional vocals from DJ Rolex.
Musically, there is almost nothing to complain about the song. It is a heavy kick crunk-infused dubstep mash-up of fast drums, African kicks and electronic synths (In other words, the instrumentation was insane). Cabo’s voice comes on at short intervals to give a short narrative, then the drums continue as the word ‘Windeck’ is repeated over and over. The result of the high quality of production of the song, was a hit that didn’t need to do too much for itself to find an audience.


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