5 pending issues we have with Davido’s break out hit ‘Back When’


Davido’s break-out single, Back When was a lot of things; a synthetically wafted afro-pop juggernaut, a glimpse of the possible brilliance to come from singer Davido and, of course, a renaissance in the age of flagrantly extravagant music videos starring a rich spoilt kid.

It has been nearly five years since the single was released and we still can’t forget all the undiscussed things that infuriated everyone about the song. So we listened to the song and hate-watched it’s adjoining video all over again to renew our anger and here are all the things we’re still mad about.

Davido was never broke.

For those who don’t know Davido’s background, despite his many iterations about his father’s apparent affluence. David Adeleke aka O.B.O, aka Baddest, aka Prince of Lagos, aka Sophie Momodu’s school father is a superstar offspring of an equally talented superstar business mogul Deji Adeleke.

His father is the CEO of Pacific Holdings, a company with imprints across Nigeria’s buoying economy; from oil and gas to entertainment. His father single-handedly bankrolled Davido’s career and till date, there are rumours the singer is still buying his way into places, the same way he bought his way into the industry. Not to state the obvious or anything but whatever broke Davido was talking about is clearly not the kind of broke you’re used to. Not the one that has you going to bed hungry or without a roof on your head at least.

Rich people problems.

According to Davido, “all the girls dey tell me no no/because I no getty motor”. So basically, back when Davido was “broke”, Davido’s problem was not that he was too poor to clothe himself or pay his school fees rather, he just couldn’t afford to buy the kind of cars he desired to impress his kind of women he wants. Too bad for Davido isn’t it? The world is so unfair.

Davido converted Naeto C into a high profile video vixen.

There was the matter of a rumoured N1million cheque handed to a then red-hot Naeto C for his feature on this song and though the rumours were never confirmed, it’s really hard not to consider the possibility. But the real annoyance was watching Naeto C mostly hang in the background of the video awkwardly waiting for his very short verse to come up.

This was a Naeto C whose sophomore album Super C Season dropped earlier that year and his dominance on the South African market had increased by an untouchable mile. How an up and coming Davido converted him to a video vixen for his debut single is still befuddling. Talk about things money can do right?


Naeto C in the back waiting for Davido’s money to finish when the song ends.

Even for 2011, bedazzling was so 2000s.

With blinged-out chains and studded skulls, Snoop Dogg and Pharrell’s 2004 Drop It Like It’s Hot and Jay-Z’s On to The Next One videos showed off the grey scale aesthetic for rap music videos. And knowing Clarence Peters as a serial video remixer, we are sure one or both videos played a part in his inspiration for Davido’s debut video. The results are shiny stones rubbed across everything from eyelashes to headphones, looking like something out of a fourteen year old’s scrapbook. The 2000s called Clarence, and it wants its shiny stones back.

Between Naeto C and the contents of the male scrotum.

“After doing what needed to be done/they say I now ball too much like testes” -Naeto C

For this one, we have a drafted a short letter.

Dear Naeto C, our precious Nigerian MC, with a prestigious M.Sc. Please kindly explain to us, what in God’s name this line means. Because we have too many questions. How exactly do testes ball for humans to be capable of emulating them? What figure of speech is this? What the hell did you study to earn your M.Sc and do your parents know you’re out here “balling” like the contents of a scrotum? Please get back to us. We would love to hear from you.


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