You may hate Davido after watching this video of him beating up a fan

We came across the video above a couple of hours ago, and our immediate reaction was fury. The caption even made things worse because Davido has had a great run with PR in recent times and we couldn’t believe he was about to drag himself into another nightmarish scandal.


The next set of questions we asked went thus, Where was Davido’s team? Who recorded the video and why did they let it leak? Now we don’t know how things may look from Davido’s end, but this is not how you run a career after signing a record deal with Sony.

But thankfully we contacted an A&R man who informed us the video was a leak off a movie set in the UK.

Whew right?

According to our source, Davido is currently working on set for his first appearance in a movie. The singer appears to be taking things a step further from his success in breaking music scapes into film.

While we have to admit that this is a welcome development, we were just mostly pleased to find out Davido hadn’t regressed to the O.B.O ways that made him a lot of enemies fast when he first launched his career.

Either way, big ups Davido.


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