Burna Boy’s horrendous new hairstyle is the latest worst thing he has done

Between threatening to stab bloggers and declaring his mediocre album as only enjoyable by a select few of his already dwindling fan base, we don’t know what exactly Burna Boy has done to infuriate us the most over the years. But his new hairdo is no doubt a way for him to take things up the notch.

The singer took to his Instagram yesterday to unveil a new colour for his dreadlocks. His formerly black head now houses a beach blonde horror bearing semblance to that of rappers Fetty Wap and Young Thug. There’s no other way to say it, the hairdo looks like a dead cactus plant. Burna Boy manages to look worse than he did before we got used to the newly dreaded Burna Boy. A lot worse.

But wait. Is Burna Boy not too old to be having erratic style changes like a hormonal teenager?

New files7

So much for being original.

But Burna wasn’t always like this. When he came into the Nigerian industry in the early 2010s, he had a simple fade cut maintaining a British-Nigerian appearance through his early successes with Like To Party in 2012 and the eventual release of his L.I.F.E album.

Burna Boy


Then tragedy struck in 2014.

He refused to renew his contract with AristoKrat Records. He exited the label and fired his mom as his manager on his way out. Then debuted this 90s inspired black patch synonymous with children who have lost all the remaining bits of their home training.

What the hell is on your head Burna?

What the hell is on your head Burna?

In the next months, Burna Boy went full Rastafarian complete with marijuana references in his music, Instagram updates misty with smoke clouds and with draping long dreads he surprisingly pulled off.

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Who rocked it best?

At least, until he debuted this new do, looking like his hair got sun bleached after spending too much time at the beach.

There are possibly a lot of logical reasons behind Burna’s multiple deliberate moves to change his style and public image over the years but we have to admit, not every move he has made has had positive effects. But he doesn’t seem to care.

The caption for his new hair colour read “Feelin goldish today. Just cuz I can 😁😁😛😜”


This is our reaction.

Sadly fans of the On a Spaceship star who have supported him since his Abeg Abeg Abeg days, are always the ones at the lower end of the stick when it comes to Burna Boy and his shenanigans. The Burna Boy they’re looking at now is clearly not the one they signed up for and for that, we sympathize.


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