Afropolitan Vibes: A side of Lagos you’ve never seen

Guests at Afropolitan Vibes - Photo Credit:

Guests at Afropolitan Vibes – Photo Credit:

If you ever spend time on Naija Twittersphere, you must have heard of the great Afropolitan Vibes.

On the third Friday of every month, the Lagos hippie crowd gathers at Freedom Park. Yes, Lagos does have hippies. But Afropolitan Vibes isn’t just for the hippies though; it’s really an all-comers affair and is hands down the most eclectic crowd you will find in Lagos.

Cool kids, expats, IJGBs – both resident and visiting, artsy folk, #TeamNatural, shea butter gang, after work crews. Everyone really.

It holds at Freedom Park, which has surprisingly become a Lagos art hub spite being right in the middle of Lagos Island aka the den of touts. So far the events have held without incident – to my knowledge at least.

Started by Ade Bantu a little over two years ago, Afropolitan Vibes has gone from a little corner of Freedom Park to the biggest stage available. A stage that has been graced by the likes of Ras Kimono,  Daddy Showkey, Sunny Nneji, M.I, Jesse Jagz, Timi Dakolo amongst other great artistes, both foreign and local.

The show typically starts with a live set by the BANTU Collective, a 13-member band with a strong afrobeat and highlife lean. The band is pretty versatile, however. Their cover of Uptown Funk ALWAYS gets the crowd going. The BANTU Collective set is usually followed by the month’s featured artistes, usually about 3 on average and they perform between the Bantu sets to the “livest” crowd.

The crowd is honestly the best part of the entire show. The Afropolitan crowd is a really gets into the show, which is very surprising considering the fact that this is Lagos where people pay to sit around a table with bottles of champagne and claim to be attending a concert.  At Afropolitan, people are not afraid to get scream, shout and get sweaty. The best part is that people always get on stage to dance. Regular upstanding citizens who are led by the spirit get on stage in front of the crowd and really express themselves. Fun stuff.

Kudos to Ade Bantu and his team for creating a space for alternative music to be celebrated in Lagos and giving the people a place to really let their (natural) hair down.


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