A complete beginner’s guide to P-Square’s discography

Paul and Peter Okoye are two of Nigeria’s most talented individuals. Powered by a career that has spanned over 15 years, sold out arenas, countless record sales and 6 commercially successful LPs, P-Square is definitely one of the most consistent brands in Nigerian music.

If you haven’t heard the gospel of this duo yet, here is a beginners guide to run-through their musical artistry.

2003: Last Nite 


#1  Their name is really cheesy, but you get the picture.


#2 These guys can actually dance.


#3 Peter is  always crying. He is a sensitive guy.


 #4 With Senorita, they gave us Nigeria’s premiere light-skinned video vixen heart breaker. 


Yellow-pawpaw extraordinaire. Yarinya the first, Karishika the ultimate, Caro the finest. The last of her breed, first of her kind.

2005: Get Squared 


#1 A lot of songs on this Get Squared album sound familiar

#2 This album has one remix and 3 instrumentals on a 13-track disc. 


Almost 30% of this album is of no use to you. Is this fraud? Should this be okay?  

2007: Game Over


#1 This album is fire from heaven. 

 #2 There are 5 pre-released singles on this album. 3 instrumentals and one uncensored song we never asked for but we don’t care. 


Have we heard these songs before? Doesn’t matter, we don’t care anymore. We don’t care one bit.

  #4 Peter is still crying.


So Paul is hugging all of the camera time.

2009: Danger 


#1 Throw it out! These are all samples of their own songs. You have been lied to.


 #2 Oh look a 2face feature! Throw the rest out. Trash it.

 #3 Wait, more Instrumentals? 


 Recycle bin, now!

 2011: Invasion


 #1 This album has a different feel.

 #2 These are actually complete 14 songs without instrumentals. 

 #3 Featuring Rick Ross

 2014: Double Trouble 


 #1 Okay, we are sure we haven’t heard these songs before.

 #2 This LP is very mature.

 #3 Collabo with Don Jazzy is magic.


#4 This Alingo dance didn’t fly guys. Leave this Shekini thing alone.








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