5 reasons Olamide and Vic O are the same person


They are both marketing geniuses. 

Olamide is a brilliant rapper whose skill, versatility and wit have spun 6 studio LPs and countless endorsements. Similarly, Vic O has emerged a consistent brand that leverages on social media trends. He is a master of controversies that feeds off the controversies of his own controversies. Vicoception.

They both leave trash where it belongs.

In 2015 during after the back and forth exchange of diss songs between Drake and Meek Mill that drove the internet insane crazy, Vic O made headlines for claiming to murder both rappers. The full details are sketchy but we have this picture from the funeral below.

Similarly, following the premise of Olamide’s clash with Don Jazzy at the Headies, it is almost conclusive that the rapper took a subtler page out of Vic O’s playbook when he decided to #LeaveTrashForLAWMA

They are both pop culture icons.

Olamide rose to fame in 2011 with his smash hit Eni Duro. The song had a witty, tongue-in-cheek humour that served as quotables for 140 character status updates. This marked Olamide’s career as pop culture icon for his generation. Vic O shares a similitude with the YBNL boss in this regard. What would 2015 have been without Vic O’s “I kill the beat and give my fans to eat”.

They both have history with Don Jazzy.

Everyone knows what happened between Olamide and Don Jazzy at the Headies and the subsequent Don Jazzy K.O that followed on social media. All of this could have been avoided if Don Jazzy had just let sleeping dogs lie after Olamide’s drunken rants. Vic O shares a similar feature with Olamide. In 2012, he rapped on an instrumentation produced by Don Jazzy to release his debut single Why Evils?  


We are still unsure which evil was done to Vic O because we are pretty certain our ears were the victims. The song was so bad, we are certain Don Jazzy hasn’t released any more free instrumentations because he secretly blames himself for unleashing Vic O upon us.

They both have powerful friends.  

From Vice President Osinbajo to Minister for Power and Works, Babatunde Raji Fashola, Olamide has amassed very powerful friends over the years. In the same vein, Vic O reportedly claims he has collaborations with Jay-Z and Rihanna in the works. We are unsure in what planet he acquired these connections but stranger things have happened.


Oh yeah there’s this picture with Kim Kardashian West

They’re both still underdog legends.

Olamide rose from nothing to become his own label owner with chart-topping artiste signings. Even though he has risen through the ranks, he still remains an underdog inspiration. Vic O wasn’t an underdog to begin with. He was never under anything yet he has risen to fame without any major musical hit, talent or branding. If Vic-O can find fame in this country then there’s a living God, because it means anything is possible.


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