3 Nigerian artistes who shouldn’t have sang a Hello cover

SamklefSo yeah, like the Mexican wave in a packed full stadium, where the fans have to go along with it, the Nigerian artistes have been caught in the wind of the success of Adele’s Hello Cover.

Whilst Omawunmi kicked off this trend and we enjoyed it, numbers have since multiplied and even those who had no business trying to test this waters have jumped in.

Here are three of those not so clever Hello covers we have heard.

Samklef: Now what was he thinking? I was a bit skeptical especially knowing the artiste has impressed more for his production skills than his singing abilities and honestly I wasn’t surprised by the outcome, the refix as he called was simply a different reggae production largely on the exact same song and sounded more like a Deejay Mix than a cover.

Dayo Amusa: So I initially never knew her as an artiste rather as an actress, so when I heard she did a cover of Hello, my thoughts were ‘Oh my gosh’, she featured an upcoming act known as S Gee and the result was indeed ‘Oh my gosh’, from the first second when her voice bellowed Hello, this was a disaster waiting to happen and it did happen for the entire 04.44 duration of the song. Please ma, stick to the acting.

Chuka: Chuka does what he terms Alternative sounds and actually has some decent songs that I enjoyed in the past but then he also jumped on the Hello fever and I was hugely disappointed by his lyrics. Did he actually use words like “Av been wondering if after all these years, you like to f**k”, like seriously?

As at the last count, we have at least 20 Nigerian covers to this song.

It does get to a melting point when this ‘novel’ act becomes boring and yeah guys, we are there already, end this and do more of your own songs.



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