13 music experiences only Nigerians that grew up with old parents can relate to

At some point in your childhood an adult asked you to shamelessly exchange your dance moves for money.


Sade, dance for me, let me spray you money.

Initially you were reluctant.


Not really about that life, uncle Mufu.

Then you mistakenly glimpse your parent’s face as they watch you rejecting a chance to earn free money and they’re like.


“No food for you this night. Better find a new way to buy your Christmas clothes. In fact, we’re just going to abandon you under that bridge on our way home, since you want to be childish.”

And suddenly you’re like.


It’s not like 2face is your favourite Nigerian artiste of all time.. But he’s just the greatest you know?

This is understandable because after the mid-90s, Nigerian music was mostly unbearable. Fela just died, King Sunny Ade was mostly on tour in the Americas, Onyeka Owenu was being Onyeka Owenu (whatever that actually entails), Junior and Pretty were really wack and Eedris Abdul Kareem was allergic to using actual words in his lyrics. There was nothing on the airwaves worth anybody’s time until groups like Plantashun Boiz, P-Square, Rough Rugged n’ Raw amongst others came around in the late ’90s and subsequently 2baba as a solo multi-talented singer in the early 2000s.

You grew up on some Fela, so Wizkid, D’banj and Burna Boy are very relatable.


Ladies and gentlemen, Abami Eda.

When you’re in public with your friends and a really old traditional song comes up and you find yourself excitedly singing along.

‘Osondi Owendi oo, Osondi Owendi oo’

And all your friends give you the look like.


But you’re unashamed of your childhood so you don’t even care.

200_s (1)

There are so many old songs you don’t remember where you first heard it from.


Sometimes its a tune, sometimes its a line. But you know its from so long ago.

You recognize the feel and sound of an actual vinyl record.

200_s (2)

LOL wait, but first you must actually know what a vinyl record looks like.


No this is not that DJ scratch thingy and it’s not a frisbee getting warmed up. If you know, you know.

Your made contact with Osadebey before Flavour, Wasiu Ayinde Marshall before Olamide, Christie Igbokwe before Yemi Alade and Baba Fryo before Burna Boy etc.

*cue childhood memory flashes*


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