Game over? 9 quotes from P-Square that promised us they’d last forever

It has been 19 years, 7 studio albums and dozens of club bangers from the Okoye brothers. Now they appear to be going their separate ways to launch solo careers.ashamed-benzino

We’re not even going to banter about who would fare better, because this is the death of P-Square, our favourite duo we are talking about.

But we still went on to ask P-Square what he had to tell Peter and Paul, even as they put his legend to rest.

1. Remember where it all started.



2. Just because.



3. Remember Finidi?



4. You need to find the problem.


5. You run the business, it shouldn’t run you.



6. The mantra is loyalty.



7. Your word is bond.



8. When things break, fix them. Don’t throw them away.



9. Because when you are united and challenges come, the only thing you’ll be saying is.Psquare

Pete Edochie has something to add.

Pete Toothpick

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