11 quick tips for throwing the most lit summer house party

You have the house to yourself in a few days. You’re young, wild and free with a craving for some good ol’ fun time. Here are some tips for throwing a great house party.

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 20: A general view of the atmosphere during the Bacardi untamable house party on November 20, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Bacardi)

Bacardi untamable house party on November 20, 2015

Get a great playlist

The best starter for any party is great music. Set up a playlist that compliments the nostalgia of your age group of guests and also fulfills their need to party to songs by younger generation chart toppers. Slip in surprise jams for the perfect “yeaah” moments and make sure they are well ordered.

Decide what kind of party you want to have

Are you prepping for a yard party where everyone holds their red cups in their hands while they mingle or a living room party with large couches and shisha in the centre of the room? Is there a dress code or theme? Think all of these through before you send out invites.


Get word out

Either via social media or sticky notes pasted in a colleague’s cubicle, send out invites with an arrival time, address, dress code and other details needed for guests to show up at your door ready to party.

Give different starting times

They say Nigerian time is the worst time, but there is a trick to beating that; giving different starting times to your guests. If you want the party to get in full swing at 10:00pm you can give your tardy friends an arrival time with a 2-hour lapse, while your more punctual friends can arrive an hour later. That way, there is a constant in-flow of people ready to party showing up all party long.

Don’t be a savage, your guests have the right to small chops

Alcohol is great for house parties, small quantities of recreational drugs too. But most importantly, guests must have small finger food to keep their mouths busy through the night.

Lock doors, open bathrooms

You don’t want over-excited guests lip locking in your parent’s bed nor do you want to clean up in the morning to find out some other guests pocketed handy valuables on their way out. So lock doors to important rooms and keep the keys safe until the party ends. However, the bathroom must be clean and easily accessible, long queues for bladder relief could leave you with a kitchen sink full of drunken vomit or flower pots oozing of urine in the morning. Throwing a party is already one sin for African parents, you don’t want to add messing up the house to that list.

Set up great games

There are a myriad of party games that need very little props to set up. Stay away from games that could lose steam quick or make some guests uncomfortable (except of course that’s what you were going for initially), it’s called ‘turn up’ not ‘turn off. Just keep the music playing and the alcohol flowing always.

DJ Spinall Smirnoff House Party
Get everybody involved

Not everyone is extroverted and looking to start a conversation with strangers at a crowded party. This is why introverts often have bad experiences at parties. You can help everyone have a good time by helping with introductions and setting up games with more fun value than mental effort. Keep conversations open and light and make sure you have a diverse crowd of invited guests with interesting lives and interesting topics to talk about.

Keep your eyes on the shutdown time

When the sun comes up, traditionally the party should come to an end too. To avoid having to shove drunk bodies off your couch or cleaning up hangover vomit when the music stops, you can slowly bring the party to a close as the hours inch towards a new dawn by switching to more mellow songs. Gear up a few people left at the party to also help start the clean up process, others sitting around should start to take the cue from there.

Try to stay relatively sober

Yes, It’s is your party and yes you’re expected to have the most fun, but you don’t need to be knocked off your socks by liquor to do that. Try and remain relatively lucid so you don’t have to clean up with a banging post-hangover headache in the morning. On the plus side, you also get to keep these great memories of youth many of your guests will be too blacked out to remember forever.

Have a good time

Loosen up and make sure your guests do too. Make new friends, make new memories with old invited friends and have fun. It’s the fucking summer bitch.



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