Victoria Kimani, born in Los Angeles, is originally from Kenya. She started writing, recording and performing at 16. She spent her high school years in Nigeria and returned to Kenya at 17. Since then, she has been back and forth between Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and London, working with top artists and producers, perfecting and developing her musical and visual craft.

In 2009 she joined a duo called Club Embassy and signed to Los Angeles Laker Ron Artest, released a mixtape called Diplomatic Immunity hosted by 50 cent's DJ Whoo Kid, it got over 250,000 downloads and created alot of Industry buzz.

In mid 2010 the duo split and began working on solo projects. Victoria has collaborated with Ron Browz, Maino, Jadakiss, Dj green Lantern, Busta Rhymes, Mario Winans, Cassie, Lloyd, A.I (Japanese superstar), Chris Brown, Diggy Simmons, Timati (Russian superstar) , Timbaland, White Nerd, Andy Chatterly, Pete "Boxta" Martin, Devyne Stevens, Konvict Music, Space Cowboy, Dawaun Parker, Diane Warren, Bamboo, Kimya, and countless other producers and artists worldwide. Victoria is on Chocolate City label.




Booty Bounce

Loving You

Two of Dem

Whao feat. Prezzo and AY

Prokoto feat. Ommy Dimpoz


Oya feat. MI Abaga



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